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Radiant Snow Melting System Benefits

ClearZone Heated Driveways and Sidewalks Offer a Number of Advantages

Warmzone is pleased to offer the ClearZone snow melting system in addition to its other premier radiant heating products. The ClearZone heated driveway system uses a line-voltage cable that can be installed in almost any type of snow melting project. Heated driveway systems are typically installed in concrete, under pavers, and even hot asphalt applications. A special rugged version of the snow melting cable is designed to withstand the heat and compression of newly poured asphalt. Few other snow melting systems can withstand the extreme temperature of fresh asphalt installations.

ClearZone snow melting systems provide the luxury of an automated driveway heating system at an affordable price. The systems are proven for both residential and commercial projects. There are several advantages of this driveway heating system over other snow melting systems, some of which are outlined below.

A Few Reasons for Installing a ClearZone Electric Snow Melting System

PERFORMANCE - The ClearZone radiant snow melting system is effective and reliable. The system can be designed to produce 35 or 50 watts per square foot, and will melt ice and snow on almost any surface quickly and thoroughly.
AFFORDABLE, EASY INSTALLATION - The ClearZone driveway heating system is not labor intensive. In fact, due to its simple design and single point connection (only having to connect one end of the cable, and the other end is self terminated), it is installed in a fraction of the time and cost of other more elaborate systems, yet does not sacrifice quality.(Carefully follow the instructions provided in your manufacturer's installation manual.)
FULLY AUTOMATED OPERATION - The ClearZone radiant heating systems come standard with automated activation devices. Snow sensors detect precipitation and temperature, and activate the system only when needed. These automated devices detect when moisture falls, coupled with low temperatures and then signal the system controller. The controller then sends power to the heating cables to warm the driveway surface to prevent any snow accumulation.
ENHANCED SAFETY - Radiant snow melting systems are fully automated, so they keep sidewalks and driveways clear of snow and ice around the clock. Installing one of these snowmelt system dramatically reduces the chances of personal injury due to slips and fall on icy walkways and parking lots. Protect your family or business patrons from injuries (and potential law suits) resulting from slipping on icy steps, walkways, and driveways by installing radiant heat.
Red bullet NO COSTLY MAINTENANCE FEES OR EXPENSES - Maintenance costs are rarely considered when buying a radiant system, yet are a stark reality with many of the systems sold. Warmzone offers snow melting systems that have NO moving parts, which makes them reliable and virtually maintenance free. Yearly checkups are avoided as well as upkeep and common repairs. Electric snow melting systems are easy to install and there is no need for yearly maintenance fees, checkups and repairs.
ENERGY EFFICIENT - ClearZone radiant heating systems are carefully designed to be extremely efficient. These advanced systems boast virtually no energy loss, as 99 percent of all the energy is directed to heating the surface to melt snow and ice. While hydronic and electric radiant heating systems feature their own distinct attributes, electric systems provide rapid response times, generally heating the surface more quickly and efficiently than hydronic snow melting systems.
LOW OPERATING COSTS AND MINIMAL OPERATION TIME - Generally, on average, you can melt snow on a 800-square-foot driveway for about $3.55 per continuous hour of operation. (This takes into account the average utility rate of .12 cents per kw.) Furthermore, today's advanced sensors and high quality heat cable make electric snowmelt systems extremely effective, so the job of melting snow is accomplished quickly. Most winter storms last for just a few hours, and the system operates only when necessary to keep the driveway free of snow and ice, keeping operating costs to a minimum.

COMPLETE SYSTEM DESIGN LAYOUT AND ENGINEERING - Warmzone includes custom design and layout with each snow melting system. When you work with a reputable radiant heat provider, you'll receive professional radiant heat system design services with your snow melting system. In addition to showing the layout of the heating cable and components, a detailed AutoCAD of the system will also include information regarding the proper materials, load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on. You'll know all the details, power requirements, and specs of the project prior to any installation taking place

Bullet ADDED VALUE AND PROTECTION - An embedded radiant snow melting system can extend the life of your driveway as well as the surrounding grass and plants. Not only does radiant heat eliminate the need for snow plows and shovels to scrape and clear your driveway, but the bordering landscape will last longer and look better because there is no need to use corrosive salt and other harsh snowmelt chemicals that ultimately destroy nearby vegetation.
Bullet NO NEED FOR BULKY EQUIPMENT OR MECHANICAL ROOM - You no longer need to dedicate floor space in your home or garage for bulky equipment. The ClearZone electric snow melting system components are barely noticeable, and the system operates silently and discreetly. (Hydronic heating systems, require a "mechanical" room to house the boiler, valves, pumps, and manifolds, etc.) Electric snow melting systems are discreetly controlled by a small, UL listed activation device and contactor panel that is typically mounted on a wall in the garage.
WISE INVESTMENT - Installing a radiant heated driveway or heated sidewalks can raise the value of your property. So installing radiant heat not only makes sense in terms of enhancing safety and convenience, but it's a smart investment in your home. Radiant snow melting systems are long term snow melting solutions that offer an attractive benefit to homeowners and prospective home buyers.

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